United Bravo 2019 Pakistan - The Best Replacement of Suzuki Mehran

United Bravo Price

United Bravo Price

Engine Displacement (CC) 796 cc


United Bravo 2019 Review

A leading manufacturer of two-wheelers and three-wheelers in Pakistan, the United Autos is now trying its hand at four-wheelers. And the auto industry gurus are foreseeing a promising future for the company with an overwhelming response from the United fans in the country. With the launch of the budget-friendly and tech-rich Bravo, the company is going to pose a tough competition to Mehran, the King of Roads,from the house of Suzuki Japan.

Bravo – The Most Economical Car:

With the estimated United Bravo 2019 price in Pakistan of around 6.5 lac rupees, the new entrant will be the most economical four-wheeler in the country. Earlier the title of the most budget-friendly car was enjoyed by the Japanese brand, Mehran. However, Mehran will not give up the title of the “King of the Roads” easily. While the Suzuki Mehran 2018 price in Pakistan is around 8 lac rupees, with Bravo you can not only save about 1.5 lac rupees but also get a car with bolder and more beautified appearance.

Both the Mehran and Brovo are 800cc cars, with almost the same torque and power generation capacity. However, there are marked differences in the body dimensions and furnishing of the vehicles on the interior and exterior. In this regard, the Bravo hatchback enjoys superiority.

History and Certifications:

Here it is pertinent to note that the United’s Bravo hatchback is originally manufactured and owned by Luoyang Dahe New Energy Vehicle Co. Ltd., a Chinese auto giant. Founded in 1994, the company mainly deals with the innovation, manufacturing and marketing of fuel-efficient and low-speed electric automobiles as well as motor tricycles.

The company passed the national CCC mandatory product certification and got the national product admittance approval in 2005. In 2009, the company passed two more certifications, namely, the ISO9001-2008 quality system certification and national certification for environmental products.

Meanwhile, Dahe New Energy has also earned some valuable titles, such as the Best Integrity Unit, Top 50 Industrial Enterprises, Top 6 Private Enterprises and Credit Enterprise, etc.

Dahe New Energy markets the 800cc vehicle as DH350 but for Pakistani market, it has been rebadged and renamed as United Bravo or United Hatchback Bravo. After placing an order for around 3,000 units of the DH350, United Autos asked the parent company forcar’s copyrights and sought permission to sell it with the new name, United Bravo.

Bravo Standard Specs:

The new most pocket-friendly auto industry entrant is packed with an advanced EFI engine with three cylinders. It has power windows and strong alloy wheels. On the front, you will find fog lamps and collision protection beams to ensure the safety of the passengers in the unfavourable conditions.

On the other hand, the tech-rich interior boasts a power steering, FM radio and USB input for the comfort and entertainment of the travellers. It also features a central locking system as a sophisticatdsafety and security measure.The power output of the machine is about 40 horsepower which is enough to give you an energetic ride.

Cutting the discussion short, the new Bravo from United is almost as famous and liked in the parent country (China) as Mehran in Japan. So, it is going to offer the low-end buyers a better alternative to Mehran. It is better not only in terms of price efficiency and fuel economy but also the bold interior and tech-enriched interior.

United Bravo 2019 Feature

  • Engine Displacement (CC) 796 cc
  • Transmission Type 4-forward, 1-reverse
  • Steering Electric Power
  • Wheel Alloys
  • Reverse Camera
  • Seating Capacity 5 Person
  • Fuel Tank Capacity 30L