Upcoming Vehicle Prince DFSK 800cc Hatchback in Pakistan

  • Published On :March 7,2019
  • Prince DFSK
    Engine 800cc

Rumoured to be named “Pearl”, a brand new 800cc hatchback is all set to make its way to the automobile market in Pakistan. It is from the house of Regal Automobile Industries, the maker of Prince DFSK vehicles in the country.

Pakistan’s 3rd largest motorbike assembling company, Regal Automobile Industries recently launched an automobile assembling plant in Lahore with the investment of 10 billion rupees for manufacturing light commercial vehicles, including cars and vans. Operational under the brand name Prince, an agreement was signed between DFSK Group of China and Regal Industries for assembling vehicles. The company was issued manufacturing license in February by the Ministry of Industries and Production.

The vehicles from the house of Regal include K01 (a pick-up), K07 (a 6-seater van), and Prince C37 (an 11-seater multipurpose vehicle). The company also plans to offer high-end SUVs (Sports Utility Vehicles) in future.

Prince Hatchback Specs Highlights:

Bearing close resemblance to the Bravo, the Prince 800cc hatchback will take on its rival from the house of United. Launched as a rebadged Dahe DH350, the Bravo is already offering tough competition to Suzuki’s Mehran. Bravo’s key specs include keyless entry system, power steering, alloy rims, fog lamps, infotainment system, rear view camera and air-conditioning.

While the Prince DFSK hatchback has not yet been launched, nothing can be said for sure about its exact specification standards. However, the vehicle is rumoured to be equipped with the 4-speed manual transmission technology along with an its automatic variant. As the Prince bears close resemblance to its rival Bravo, there is speculation that the former will carry the same specs standards as the later.

As per available information about its technical specs, the Prince Pearl’s 800cc engine is likely to be producing 40 horsepower of force at 5500 revolutions per minute. It will make the car run at the top speed of up to 130 kilometers per hour.

Mehran vs Pearl:

The United Bravo is not the only foe of Mehran. Suzuki’s Mehran, one of the best-seller four wheelers in the country, should also be included in the list of its direct competitors. However, there do lie certain significant differences between the two. For example, the Pearl seems bolder and bulkier from the exterior than the Mehran. The former is also likely to be furnished with advanced luxury and entertainment specs.

Prince DFSK 800cc Hatchback Price in Pakistan:

The expected Prince DFSK 800cc hatchback price in Pakistan would be around 7 to 8 lac rupees. If this be so, the style-loving low-income buyers will surely welcome it. On the other hand, Bravo’s price tag reads around 9 lac rupees – a big gap between the price of the two! Similarly, the Mehran price in Pakistan varies between 8 and 9 lac rupees for different variants.