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Toyota Vigo Champ Price

Toyota Vigo Champ 4X4 STANDARD

Fabric and advanced control switches

Toyota Vigo Champ Price

Toyota Vigo Champ V M/T

Fuel tank capacity 76 Liters

Toyota Vigo Champ Price

Toyota Vigo Champ G A/T

DVD with Bluetooth, Audio Switches

Toyota Vigo Champ Price

Toyota Vigo Champ GX Plus

Power Windows

Toyota Vigo Champ Price

Toyota Vigo Champ TRD Sportivo

Power Windows


Toyota Vigo Champ 2017 Review

A Glance at New Vigo:

Toyota Company is known all over the world for its best quality products fulfilling all the needs of automobile lovers. Now Toyota brand proudly presents its new Vigo 2016 that goes with champ’s class. The new 2017 Vigo Champ is a new arrival in the group. It’s all about attitude and style for the adventure lovers. People, who love, go and get it, have adventurous and thrilling journey.

Interior Accomplishments:

It has sand beige interior and touch screen DVD with Bluetooth. All the music and video lovers can enjoy their favourite tracks through the mobiles & tabs by sharing & pairing their devices all the way.

It has keyless entry for user’s convenience with steering having audio switches. Also it offers GPS navigation with ease for up to 250 cities. It proffers easy to use touch screen for users to operate & seek guidance. The power windows and fingertip control steering are for the sake of driven convenience. It has powered and retractable side mirrors that are fully automatic with buttons to control over during drives. You will get a 4-wheel drive with fully automatic transmission. It feels like someone sitting in an aircraft. The interior is simply awesome, giving you a royal feeling especially when you are with your family & friends.

Impressive Exterior:

The exterior of is simply out of the box. It offers head lamps that help in heavy duty searching as well.

Lights and heavy tires with 17" alloy rim, which is a beautiful feature itself, add to its grandeur. There is a rear bumper on its backside and a fancy grill in front, so that the vehicle looks great both from back and front view.

Outstanding Performance:

It has fuel efficiency with 4-wheel drive system and takes less time and fuel for longer drives. It gives a smooth drive on rough & tough surfaces anywhere you go. All these accomplishments makes its price easily justified.


Toyota’s outstanding performance offers all the buyers to have perfect control for safe & smooth drive across all terrains. It gives confidence and trustworthy drives all over the long routes. It has dual SRS bags for safety of front seated passengers. All this ensures less damage and injuries in case of accidents. It also has proficient disc brakes and outclass anti-lock breaking system. It fulfills all the needs of buyers as compared to other existing vehicles in the market.

Vivid Colors Range:

Toyota Vigo Champ is available in different colors, including graceful black, white, metallicgrey, gunmetallic, and bluishsilver, bronzemica strong blue metallic and wine red metallic.

Model Range:

It is available in VIGO Champ V manual, Vigo Champ ECT automatic, Vigochamps GX and HILUX.

Vigo Champ is a complete automobile package for fun lovers and drivers to enjoy drive from the start to the end of the journey with luxury, pleasure and pride.

People love to have it in their automobile a collection of features to fulfil their needs while going on official visits or personal tours. Most of the existing vehicles in the market are limited in their usage. On the other hand, Vigo is ideal for picnics and longer journeys. It is an easily affordable car.

Post Sales SERVICES:

At Toyota center, they are committed to provide the best-in-town after-sales services to their valuable customers all over the world. The relationship between the customers and Toyota Company extends beyond the sale of vehicle to make them customers for generations. Toyota Vigo Champ 2017 price in Pakistan is also feasible and you can get it without any inconvenience from Toyota outlets.

Toyota Vigo Champ 2017 Features

  • Turbo Charged Common Rail Type Fuel System
  • 5 Speed Manual and 4 Speed ECT Automatic Transmission
  • Hydraulic Power Steering
  • Anti-lock Breaking System Optional
  • Air Conditioner Optional
  • Fabric and advanced control switches
  • Alluring cockpit Exudes
  • Strong Safety Seats Belt
  • DVD with Bluetooth, Audio Switches
  • Power Windows
  • Powered and Retractable Side Mirrors
  • Sports driving mode with quick response paddle shift technology
  • Dual SRS Air Bags
  • Fuel tank capacity 76 Liters