Toyota Prado 2010 Prices Rates In Pakistan With Pictures

  • Published On :May 12,2010
  • Prado 2.7 MT Petrol Price
    5 Speed Manual Transmission
  • Prado 3.0 MT Diesel Price
    Manual Tilt & Telescopic Steering
  • Prado 3.0 AT Diesel Price
    Inside Rear View Mirror
  • Prado 4.0 AT V6 Petrol Price
    63 Liters Fuel Tank Capacity

Toyota Pakistan has launched all new Toyota Prado-The Mighty 4WD- in 2010. Engine capacity of Toyota Prado is different in different models. There are four models in Toyota Prado like 2.7L TX, 3.0L Diesel TX and VX and finally 4.0L V6. External look is very impressive, with colored outside handle door, beautiful headlight style and side steps. It possesses a powerful Air conditioning system (A.C) with auto cooler dual ability. Toyota introduced some impressive specifications like touch screen DVD player (in TX Diesel), FM/AM Radio and 6-9 speakers in different models. In TX 2.7, VX Diesel and VX V6, CD player is fitted with 6 and 9 speakers.

The fuel average is very good as modern technology of EFI system is implanted. Extra safety is provided in latest 2010 model of Prado which includes seat belts, ABS braking system and air bags which are useful in case of accidents. Other characteristics of Toyota Prado 2010 are comfortable leather seats with headrest, beautiful interior color scheme and door pockets. Prado has power windows and power steering system. Check out the Toyota Prado 2010 price in Pakistan. Toyota Prado is a name of style in Pakistan. It is a luxury vehicle and not everybody can afford it. Most of the politicians and big businessmen have it. In concern to explain its interior and exterior, we narrate here some sufficient details. The instrument binnacle contains 2 edgy round meters. The four way working steering wheel having functional buttons on it is compatible to the price you are paying. While the other variants have audio and telephone controls as well. Some of them also got camera controls. Muddy, sandy and rocky tracks are not an issue any more for Toyota Prado, due to its efficient designed system to block spin and lock wheel functions on such messy tracks. In terms of safety, 7 air bags are installed in this automobile.

  • Seating Capacity 7 Persons
  • Fuel Tan Capacityk 63 Liters
  • Transmission 5 Speed Manual
  • Others Dounle Wishbone Independent Suspension (Coil Springs with Stabilizer Bar)
  • Auto Cooler Dual Air Conditioning
  • Power Windows
  • Speedometer
  • Manual Tilt & Telescopic Steering
  • Speakers
  • Inside Rear View Mirror
  • Defogger
  • Door Trim
  • Instrument Panel
  • Hi Fabric or Leather Seats Material
  • Cruise Control