Toyota Hiace For Sale Price in Pakistan and Pictures of New Model Van

Toyota Hiace Commuter Price

Toyota Hiace Commuter Std. 2.5L Price in Pakistan

Fuel Tank Capacity 70L

Toyota Hiace Commuter Price

Toyota Hiace Commuter Dual A/C 2.5L (Upspec) Price in Pakistan

Anti-Skid Brakes (ABS) – All wheels

Toyota Hiace Commuter Price

Toyota Hiace Commuter High Roof A/C 2.5L (Upspec)

Rack & Pinion Steering System

Toyota Hiace Commuter Price

Toyota Hiace Commuter Std. 2.7L (Gasoline)

Rack & Pinion Steering System

Toyota Hiace Commuter Price

Toyota Hiace Std. Roof Dual A/C 2.7L (Gasoline)

Rack & Pinion Steering System

Toyota Hiace Commuter Price

Toyota Hiace Mid Roof Dual A/C 2.7L (Gasoline)

Rack & Pinion Steering System


Toyota Hiace Commuter Review

Used for intra-city as well as intercity transportation, Toyota Hiace Commuter is one of the most commonly seen vehicles on the roads of Pakistan. Once it had the distinction of being the most economical vehicle, but in the last couple of years its price rose dramatically and has become unaffordable for many interested buyers. The primary reason behind the increase of Toyota Hiace price in Pakistan was the enforcement of the law passed by the Government of Pakistan that imposed a ban on the import of vehicles which are older than five years. This ban, ultimately, led to considerable rise in the price of this public transportation vehicle, especially because of the excessive demand by local transporters who were keenly looking to get their hands on any available model. The latest model, however, does not come under the restriction and is now made available across every corner of the country.

Powerful Engine Specs

Powerful engine specifications of Toyota Hiace Commuter 2013 make it perfect for use in extreme climatic and physical conditions. The engine power of the diesel version is 2986cc while that of gasoline version is 2700cc. Each of the four cylinders has four valves with line-in configuration, and the valve gear type is DOHC. It has an automatic transmission as well as 5 gear or speed levels. The heavy vehicle has the gross weight of 3000kg with a payload of 1210 kg, while the seating capacity of 15 people makes it a perfect choice for group picnics, and public transportation.

Upgraded Exterior

The innovative, bold and sophisticated interior is thoroughly different from that of its predecessor model. Concerning dimensions, you can notice substantial change in the overall width of this Toyota Hiace when compared with its other previous models. Out of the four doors in total, one is located on the driver’s side, 2nd on the side opposite to the driver, 3rd near the 2nd row, while the fourth one serves to open the back end of the automobile. Some of the other notable parts include rear view mirrors, front and rear mudguards, front and rear bumpers, front towing eye, green laminated windshield, lift-up type back door, rear window wiper & washer, semi-sealed halogen, headlamps, sliding rear passenger side door and the provision of a spare wheel, under the body, that could be of immense utility in case of an emergency situation. Overall the exterior of the stylish commuter bus is very neat and well built. The stylish-looking front and rear bumpers of the Hiace add to the beauty of your new possession of the great commercial importance.

Air Conditioning

Along with the standard ventilation system, the latest Toyota product is featured with standard air conditioning system that has an air outlet located at the rear of the vehicle. This is done to avoid suffocation and provide the onboard passengers with cool and pleasant internal environment so that very long distances are passed with utmost ease.

70 Liter Storage Capacity

It is very important for a public transportation vehicle to have a high fuel storage capacity because the passengers get irritated and show negative response when you stop at a filling station. But you need not worry as 70 liter diesel storage capacity is one of the most prominent Toyota Hiace Commuter specs.

Limited Color Choice

Unfortunately, here the potential buyers will not be provided with a wide range of body colors as is the case with the 2013 model of Toyota Fortuner which has as many as eight charming body shades. With white paint on its body, the color of the front and rear bumpers might be either black or grey.

Unique Interior

As it is visible in the Toyota Hiace pictures, the interior is exquisitely designed with an obvious aims to provide a comfortable journey to the passengers. For the facilitation of the driver and other riders, front and rear seats are supplied with beverage holders, and the dashboard contains a storage box, cigarette lighter, brake fluid warning, dashboard mounted gear, front ashtray, speed meter and water temperature gauge. The seats are wide, comfortable and have seatbelts to provide a pleasant travelling experience throughout the journey.

Price Tag

Based on the varying specs of the four available versions for 2013, the Toyota Hiace price varies from 3.3 million to 6.2 million Pak rupees. The standard version is least expensive while Toyota Hiace Ambulance Std. Roof A/C 3.0L is the costliest one.

Toyota Hiace Commuter Features

  • Four cylinder in-line, belt driven, DOHC, four valves per cylinder
  • Hydraulic Power Steering
  • Ventilation system
  • Front Power Windows
  • Rigid axle, semi-elliptic leaf springs with hydraulic dampers
  • Independent, double wishbone type, upper torsion bar spring, hydraulic dampers, ball-joint mounted anti-roll bar
  • Rack & Pinion Steering System
  • Key remainder warning
  • Light on Warning
  • Seating Capacity 14 Persons
  • Anti-Skid Brakes (ABS) – All wheels
  • Fuel Tank Capacity 70L