Toyota Fortuner 2017 Simple and Sports Model Price in Pakistan

Toyota Fortuner Price

Toyota Fortuner Price

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Toyota Fortuner 2017 Review

Journey from Horseback to Luxury Drive:

In ancient times, people travelled on horsebacks that took too much time to move from one place to another. But with the technological development in the world, people started creating new ideas to make traveling easier and quicker. So, in 1769 the idea of car was introduced which has since then been revolutionized. Different types and models of cars have been developed so far.

The Grandeur of Fortuner:

Toyota Fortuner is one of the newly invented lines of sport utility vehicles with various appealing features, e.g. metal body, broader front, bigger headlights, automatic climate control system and maximum power production. The 4WD Fortuner covers the distance of 9km with one liter. It is stronger than other SUVs. The entire front has been designed to offer resemblance with Land Cruiser, thus adding more value and charm to this car.

A Challenge to Rivals:

Toyota is going to introduce Toyota Fortuner 2017 and the market analysts are making predictions that it will be available in the first month of the year. This version will offer strong competition to its rivals. The present model is not much different in external outlook from the previous version but internally there have been given additional touches to make it more attractive for the consumers. The passionate design gives it sporty charisma.

Exterior Beauty:

Exterior features include mirror made of chrome, and frontal line built of steel that prevents from rusting. Similarly headlight, fog light and taillight are redesigned to make the car more fascinating for potential buyers.

Internal Elegance:

Interior features include enough space between the floor and roof as well as between the front and the back seats, so that passengers can easily be seated. These seats can recline, slide and fold, thus rendering more flexibility for the end user. Seats are leather-covered with decent color. Apart from Bluetooth, iPod, USB port and touch screen, it also contains map-reading system that facilitates in direction finding.

Economy Level:

Toyota Fortuner 2017 is considered to be more expensive as compared with preceding models. It is because of extra features. The price is determined on the basis of the features and engine capacity. In Pakistan, Toyota Fortuner was introduced in 2009. Toyota Fortuner 2016 Price in Pakistan is going to be beyond the reach of low income buyers.

Rumors about Fortuner 2017:

At the same time, there are rumors going around about Toyota Fortuner 2017. Most probably Toyota Fortuner 2017 diesel engine will be designed to reduce the fuel consumption. Its opening ceremony is expected to be launched in the mid of 2017. It will be modeled to improve both the exterior and interior.

So what are you waiting for? A car with all the luxurious features is available in your town. This is a dream car for anyone who wants comfortable drive with an exclusive style. It is simple yet elegant and a perfect family car for everyone.

If you are planning to give some pleasant surprise to your spouse on your next wedding anniversary, it is an ideal choice.

Vivid Color Patterns:

Since it is available in seven different shades, you can select the one that goes with your taste and personality. The available colors are: White Pearl Mica, Silky Gold Mica Metallic, Super White, Silver Mica Metallic, Black Mica, Grey Mica Metallic and Blue Metallic.

So what else you can expect from a dream car? Select Fortuner today and change your fortune forever. Happy Driving!

Toyota Fortuner 2017 Features

  • In-Line, 4-Cylinder, Twin CAM 16-Valve (2TR-FE) Engine
  • 4 Speed Automatic Transmission
  • Electronic Fuel Injection System
  • Anti-lock Braking System
  • Flexible seat configuration
  • Multi information display
  • Power Window switch control
  • Rear Window Defogger
  • Hydraulic Power Steering System
  • Dual SRS Airbags
  • Air Conditioning
  • Wireless Door locking System
  • Sun visor
  • 65 Liter Fuel Tank Capacity