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Toyota Camry Price

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76 Liters Fuel Tank Capacity


Toyota Camry Review

Toyota Motors Japan has earned global reputation for producing high quality and luxury cars, and it is also the largest automobile manufacturing firm in the world. Toyota Camry is a time tested and one of the most successful extreme luxury cars from Toyota which was first produced in 1982. Having a glorious background, the latest model comes in perfect accordance with the 21st century lifestyle. It is the best-selling car in the United States of America and has received highly positive response from other parts of the world as well.The superb efficiency and the success story of this stylish automobile can be judged from the fact that 90% of Camry cars manufactured in the last 15 years are still on the roads and in fairly good condition. With equally mesmerizing Toyota Camry specs, it is also available in Pakistan and is set to make new records in the automobile industry with its redesigned interior and other luxury features. That is why Toyota Camry 2017 is also given the name of ‘land cruiser’.

Amazing Engine Specs and Power

The amazing in-line, 4-cylinder, 2.5L and 2AR-FE type engine has the valve mechanism of 16-valve with dual VVTI and is capable of churning out 178 horsepower. Even with such description, the land cruiser is capable of giving you swift acceleration when needed. Along with being highly fuel efficient, it attains the acceleration of 0-100 mph in 12 seconds. Perfectly matching the speed limits of American roads, it can also fly on the roads of Pakistan, as the top speed of the latest model goes over 202 kilometers per hour.

Fuel Efficiency and Storage Capacity

With the whooping fuel tank capacity of 76 liters, this luxury car is the most fuel efficient sedan in the auto market of the country. It simply means that you can not only save your precious time and a lot of money, but also keep on going for hundreds of kilometers with single refilling.

6-Speed Auto Transmission

This, one of the most valuable Toyota products, allows you six (6) levels of speed and is featured with automatic transmission. Already equipped with advanced security systems, these advantageous features add to further ease of the drivers and they can have better control over the vehicle.

Environment Friendly

As the automobile is highly fuel efficient, it produces less smoke and causes least pollution in the environment, hence becoming an environment friendly vehicle. That is why, it is the best-selling car in the USA as such automotive vehicles are the demand of the day.

Exterior—Poetry in Motion

The charming exterior of the car helps to create a tempting impression for the onlookers. The unrivalled outer design comes with brilliant precision and makes the automobile look like “Poetry in Motion” as you can see in the Toyota Camry pictures. The pure art has been skillfully models into perfection which can be realized from the fact that every curve and contour of the automobile gives a glimpse of nature’s inspiration. This post modern technological marvel is sure to bridge the distance between promise and fulfillment.

Interior—Timeless Elegance

The interior of a vehicle is given as much important as the exterior because if you cannot enjoy a comfortable drive, the car is thought to be useless no matter how much attractive the exterior is. The unparalleled interior design with its integrated systems and low-set, horizontal, t-shaped instrument panel, gives your dream car a timeless elegance. The luxury shell and superb leather seats serve to give the Camry experience a physical form.

Performance—New Meaning to Drive Pleasure

Owing to the optimal blend of perfect fuel economy with the aerodynamic power, you will acquire a new meaning for your driving pleasure. The features, like exhilarating performance, artful discretion and extraordinary pleasure, are responsible for the attraction of the potential buyers and selling of the car like hot cakes.

Spacious Luxury

Providing you excellent legroom and cabin comfort, the modern sedan has five (5) especially designed passenger seats that give it a feeling of spacious luxury. In short, the passenger cabin has been designed to ensure comfort, style and ease of ergonomics.

Exclusive Passenger Safety

One of the latest and supreme passenger safety features comes in the form of the impact-absorbing body of the vehicle as, in this way; the collision energy is absorbed and dispersed to avoid the excessive cabin deformation.

Bottom Line

With all these extraordinary and appealing features, like impact absorbing body, perfect fuel economy, SRS airbags, adoptive front lighting system, timeless elegance and spacious luxury, you must expect a high Toyota Camry price in Pakistan. However, once bought, the super comfort vehicle will become one of the most valuable assets for your luxurious life that you can always be proud of.

Toyota Camry Features

  • 16-Valve DOHC In-Line 4-Cylinders Engine
  • 5 Speed Manual and 6 Speed Automatic Transmission
  • Common Rail Type Fuel System
  • Double Wishbone Front Suspension
  • Leaf, Rigid Rear Suspension
  • Front and Rear Bumpers
  • Dual Cabin AC
  • 6 Speakers Surround Sound System
  • Vehicle Stability Control Assistant
  • Adaptive Front Lighting System
  • SRS (Supplemental Restraint System) Air bags For the Driver and Front Passenger
  • 5 Persons Seating Capacity
  • 76 Liters Fuel Tank Capacity