Toyota Camry 2019 Price

  • Published On :July 15,2019
  • Toyota Camry 2019 Price
    Toyota Camry Hybrid - Low Grade
  • Toyota Camry 2019 Price
    Toyota Camry Hybrid - High Grade

Offered in the low grade and high grade hybrid variants, Toyota’s Camry has been fighting for dominance with Honda’s Accord with somewhat success. While it scores better on certain tech fronts, including the price factor, the Accord boasts an established prestige for luxury. Yet Camry offers another advantage – the price. Toyota Camry 2019 price in Pakistan is far less than that of the rival Accord. It offers a big saving, amounting to nearly two million rupees.

Against the 2.4 L (2356 cc) engine of Accord, Camry’s force comes from the more powerful 2.5 L machine. Likewise, Toyota’s product offers an extra gear in the gearbox – 6-speed CVT transmission – against the 5-speed gearbox of its rival. Here it is noteworthy that CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) is also an automatic, gearless transmission system.

New 2019 Camry – A Striking Luxury:

Just like its predecessor, the new Toyota Camry 2019 also carries the slogan “Striking Luxury” but with further refinement. With its bold stature and exquisite detailing, its impresses the onlookers and influences them in all its glory.

It offers a beautiful blend of style, space, power, luxury and convenience which is usually rare to be found elsewhere. Implying a high level of engineering wisdom, the manufacturer has created an advanced human-machine interface in the interior.

Camry’s Cult and Creativity:

It’s obvious from the wise interior and precious exterior that Camry is another name of pleasing sumptuousness. With all its lavishness, Camry propagates the cult of elitism. Here’s what deserves attention and acknowledgement in it.

Wise Interior:

Abounding in wisdom and intelligence, Toyota’s top end four-wheeler brings several functionalities which stun the onlookers and the users. Some of these are:

Dual Zone Auto AC:Powered by Nanoe technology, the dual zone auto AC fills the cabin with fresh air to comfort the travelers, no matter what the external temperature may be.
8” Multimedia, 7” Multi Info Display: Inside the cabin, you not only find a 7-inch multi information display but are also greeted by a handsomely large 8-inch multimedia system. While the multi-information display keeps you informed about your journey and the performance of the vehicle, the multimedia system offers the pleasure of being able to enjoy a variety of features.
Panoramic Roof: The panoramic roof helps you embrace the sense of openness and freedom. So, all the passengers can enjoy scenic beauty and the colors of nature while on the go.
Enlarged Trunk: The enlarge trunk offers plenty of space to carry all the belongings on an adventurous trip. It lets you store luggage as big as four sets of golf bags.

Precious Exterior:

Responding to the style and taste of an elite rider, the new 2019 Camry brings a precious exterior with extended grace. The things worth looking at on the exterior include:Powerful BI Beam Headlamps: The Bi Beam LED headlamps not only accentuate the appearance of the vehicle but also produce powerful, long-reaching light to give day-like visibility in the pitch-dark environments. They also include the daytime running lamps which are equipped with solid lenses in three layers.
Rear Combination Lamps: The LED combination lamps, fitted to the back of the car, serve to enhance Camry’s sophisticated appearance and signature luminescence.
18” Alloy Wheels:The large 18-inch aluminum alloy wheels have got a catchy, contrasting design. They offer a combination of the silver painted spokes with the bright, machined spokes, thus creating an elegant and luxurious expression.
Smart, Phenomenal StartThe smart key based Smart Entry and Start System of the car offers a phenomenal start, so you can commence your journey with ultimate convenience.
Panoramic Roof with Glass TopOffering a sense of openness to the passengers, the panoramic roof also contributes to the glory of the exterior with its glass top.

An All-Empowering Performance:

The all-empowering performance of Camry comes from the newly developed 2.5 L engine which delivers high output along with combustion efficiency. The innovative technology has helped the machine to get ranked among the most efficient engines in the world.

The Hybrid system is one the latest innovations in the auto sector. The combined torque from the engine and the hybrid motor provides an energetic synergy drive, thus significantly contributing to the pleasure of travel.

Camry also earns high rating for its multi-layer safety systems.

Camry’s Competitors Other Than Accord:

In addition to Accord, Camry has got several other rivals as well, including BMW 5 series, Audi A6 Sportback, Mercedes Benz E class and two Audis, the A5 (Sportback) and A6.

How if Fares on Price:

Posing direct and tough competition to Honda’s Accord, the Camry wins the race for dominance on multiple fronts, including that of price. While scoring high on power, techs and performance, Camry also attracts the attention of elite class buyers for its economy. As you can see, Toyota Camry 2019 price in Pakistan is significantly less than that of the Accord and some other competitors.

  • Engine Powerful 2.5L
  • Engine Type 4 Cyclinder, In-line Type
  • Fule System SFI(D-4S)
  • Fule Type Petrol
  • Transmission Type CVT
  • Display 7 Inch Multi Information Display
  • Other 6-Speed With Sequential Shift
  • Suspension Type Front MacPherson Strut
  • Suspension Type Rear Double Wishbone
  • Anti-Theft System Immobilizer With Alarm
  • Vehicle Stability Control
  • Hill Start Assist Control
  • SRS Air Bags
  • Driving Modes
  • AC With Nanoe Technology
  • Rear Trunk
  • 18 Inch Alloy Rims
  • BI Beam Led Headlamps
  • Rear Combination Lamps