Newly Launched Toyota Camry Hybrid 2018 in Pakistan - See Latest Pictures

Toyota Camry Hybrid 2018 Price

Toyota Camry 2018 Price

Toyota Camry Hybrid - Low Grade

Toyota Camry Hybrid 2018 Price

Toyota Camry 2018 Price

Toyota Camry Hybrid - High Grade


A Luxury-Rich Beast:

Here in the all-new Toyota Camry Hybrid you are to experience a creative blend of power and luxury. Powered by a 2487cc machine and featuring some of the class-leading luxury technologies, it rightly deserves the title of a luxury-rich beast.

The striking luxury comes from the combined effect of the roomy interior, comfortable seating, soft materials and a host of drive-friendly and drive-control technologies. Undertaking a long journey with family does not make you feel tired or bored.

Absolute Safety Measures:

What if your Camry goes unruly? But it won’t. Control over a more powerful vehicle needs the use of advanced, sophisticated braking and safety mechanisms. The advanced multilayer and multilateral braking system provides complete control over the fast running Camry Hybrid. The top-end control system includes the mechanisms like ABS, TRC, HAC, VSC and Brake Hold.

For the safety of driver and passengers, in case of collision, there are as many as 6 SRS airbags. If deployed, they can save the occupants from fatal injuries during accidents.

Fuel Economy:

After a steep downfall, the fuel prices in the international market are again on the rise gradually. So, there can be no compromise for the fuel efficiency of the vehicle. Fuel efficiency is also required for the sake of the health of the environment. With already alarming levels of pollution, the environment cannot bear the damaging effects of high exhaust emitting vehicles.

Based on the latest Euro 5 emission standards, the new Camry Hybrid 2018 is optimized for more power generation against less discharge. Though the Toyota Camry Hybrid price in Pakistan is quite high, it saves you a lot in terms of fuel economy. You can have an idea about the energy efficiency of this luxury-rich beast from the fact that it can run for nearly twenty-five kilometres of distance with the consumption of a single litre of petrol.

Seven Body Colour Options:

Can’t compromise for your favour hue for your vehicle? Camry doesn’t ask you for that. Rather, it offers as many as seven decent looking body shades. The body colour options for Camry include platinum white pearl, attitude black, steel blonde, emotional red, silver, dark blue and graphite. Each shade emanates an exclusive shine and decency to inspire confidence and revamp spirits and energy.

Camry Low Grade & High-Grade Variants:

There are two major Camry Hybrid variants available in the market, i.e. Low Grade and High Grade. While the Toyota Camry Hybrid price in Pakistan is around eighty-three lac rupees for the Low Grade, the High Grade variants cost two lac rupees extra. Both the versions are almost the same in exterior, interior, engine specs, performance as well as the tech enrichments. There are only minor differences. One conspicuous difference appears in the type of wheel and size of tyre. The Low Grade model has smaller 17-inch alloy wheels with the tire size of 215/55R17. On the other hand, the alloy wheels in High Grade variant, are a bit bigger measuring 18”. Similarly, the tyre size measures 235/45R18.

Toyota Camry 2018 Features

  • Engine Displacement 2487
  • Engine Type: 4 Cyclinder, In-line Type
  • Fule System: SFI(D-4S)
  • Fule Type: Petrol
  • Transmission Type: CVT
  • Gear: 6-Speed With Sequential Shift
  • Suspension Type: Front MacPherson Strut
  • Suspension Type: Rear Double Wishbone
  • Anti-Theft System: Immobilizer With Alarm