Suzuki Liana Sedan Price, Pictures of Latest Model in Pakistan

Suzuki Liana Price

Suzuki Liana 1.3L RXI MT

5 Persons Seating Capacity, 5 Speed Manual Transmission

Suzuki Liana Price

Suzuki Liana 1.3L RXI MT CNG

Spacious Luggage Space (CNG), Optimized cylinder capacity of 60 L CNG


Suzuki Liana Review

Suzuki as a brand of automotive vehicles is known for its quality products, ever since the company has been established. The automobiles they introduce, soon gain popularity for their worth even without the prestigious Suzuki name. Owing to the reliability and consistency of performance, the brand image is positive among the exporters and importers. There are two main reasons for the great admiration of these world-class automobiles: high technical and mechanical specifications; and trustworthiness. This is what establishes Suzuki as one of the most famous brands in the world. That is why investing in this latest technological marvel, launched by Japanese manufacturing firm, seems reasonable to the potential buyers since they know they won’t be wasting such a huge sum of their hard earned money. It has become an established fact that their money’s worth will be returned to them in the form of a lifelong travelling companion, and this is what makes Suzuki earn huge revenues.

An Outstanding Automobile

The Suzuki Liana 2013 is one of the most outstanding luxury cars that Suzuki Motors Pakistan has released so far. If this car were a girl, it would have been termed as beauty with brains. With a stunning interior and sophisticated exterior, the Suzuki Liana new model is a stylish road runner that successfully translates into beauty and profit as it comes with excellent features.

6 Brilliant Color Options

It is available in six charming and sophisticated color shades of White, Silky Silver, Graphite Grey, Eminent Blue, Pearl Red and Smoke Green. So you can go for any of these attractive appearances of your dream family vehicle that appeals to your taste and temperament. To experience the brilliance of these eye-catching colors, you can just have a look at the Suzuki Liana pictures.

1328cc Engine and 5-Speed Transmission

The M13A6 engine type is supplied with four cylinders and has the displacement capacity of 1328cc, hence giving it sufficient power to run smoothly even on the rough and uneven terrain. The advanced system of fuel distribution, namely multi-point fuel injection (MPI) adds to the overall performance and efficiency of the automobile. For transmission, your new travelling companion, Suzuki Liana Sedan, has manual system which is accompanied by five levels of speed (gear), so you can switch to any of the down or up gears whenever needed.

Road Safety

For the utmost safety of the passengers travelling on dangerous road conditions with heavy traffic, the front brakes have ventilated discs while the rear ones contain ‘leading and trailing drums’. Moreover, there are enhanced front and back suspension systems, viz. “McPherson Strut and Coil Spring” and “Strut and Coil Spring”, respectively, hence further adding to safety and protection of the travelers.

50 Liter Petrol and 60 Liter CNG Capacity

The whooping fuel tank capacity of as many as 50 liters is what you desire most, especially, for intercity and inter-province travelling. Once you have filled it to the full capacity, you can continue the journey for hundreds of kilometers without worrying a bit on the way. As Suzuki Liana comes in two different versions, the alternative CNG model has the overall capacity of up to 60 liters.

Availability in Two Versions

The two variants have slightly different Suzuki Liana specs and are known as 1.3L RXI MT and 1.3L RXI MT CNG where the latter is supplied with factory-fitted CNG kit and costs more than its sibling. The Suzuki Liana price in Pakistan for the simple and CNG versions is approximately 1.4 and 1.5 million Pak rupees, respectively.

Security and Safety

After you have purchased it, the most troubling thought that comes to your mind is that of the theft of your precious possession, but you need not worry a bit as the latest version of Liana is furnished with highly secure and advanced security features, such as the keyless entry with answerback and immobilizer.

Spacious & Luxurious Interior

The spacious and roomy interior has the capacity to accommodate at least five people with utmost ease and comfort: two on the front seats and three on the rear ones. In addition to it, there is enough space before the seats for your legs to rest with ease, and the headrest takes care of your master body organ. The factory fitted super quality air-conditioner in this latest Suzuki product makes the internal atmosphere cool and refreshing so that you may have an experience of a pleasant journey.

Bottom Line

With affordable Suzuki Liana price, the car has successfully earned the title of a famous luxury car that is liked and loved by majority of the potential buyers. The cutting-edge performance and comfort give it an edge over other competitor cars in the automobile market and make it a favorite choices for all and sundry.

Suzuki Liana Vurv Features

  • Roomy & Comfortable Cabin
  • Rich-textured bright interior
  • MP3 CD Player
  • Tachometer
  • Sparkling Rear Combination Lamp
  • Stylish Chrome Grille
  • Crystal Head Lamps
  • Full wheel caps
  • 5 Speed Manual Transmission
  • 4 Cylinders
  • Keyless entry with answerback and immobilizer
  • Spacious Luggage Space (CNG)
  • Optimized cylinder capacity of 60 L CNG
  • Hassle-free side-by-side CNG/petrol filling layout
  • Multi Point Fuel Injection System
  • 5 Persons Seating Capacity
  • Fuel Tank Capacity 50 Liters (Petrol)
  • Power Windows
  • Power Steering