Suzuki Cultus Car Price, Pictures in Pakistan of New Model

Suzuki Cultus Price

Suzuki Cultus (VXRi EURO II Model)

40L Fuel Tank Capacity

Suzuki Cultus Price

Suzuki Cultus CNG

MP3/CD Player & Tuner


Suzuki Cultus Review

Recently, Suzuki Motors Pakistan has introduced the latest version of Suzuki Cultus that is already famous as a family car. Designed with the best of all innovative technology and brilliant performance, you will enjoy having a ride in it with your family. In modern days, the family life and sentiments are given immense importance especially in the Pakistani culture. We are always told to look out for our loved ones and do what is not only beneficial for us, but also for those we love and live with. As living together as a joint family is always encouraged in our culture, the houses around us are big as well as spacious. Whether or not the idea applies to families in modern times is a different topic, but we all know and value it. So in the disappointing present times, what can we do to keep that family value and togetherness alive? The first and simple step is to base your decisions and investments not just for yourself but for your family, to impart vitality to the bond of living as one unit.

Color Choice

Available in only two variants, i.e. Cultus VXRi and Cultus VXRi CNG, the car gives you the choice of six different shades so that you can choose the one that best suits your taste and temperament. So you need to go for such a color that appeals to your family members as well, so that it may feast the eyes of your loved ones for as long as they ride in it.

Fuel Efficiency and Storage Capacity

The sale of 50 million units worldwide is a testimony to the claim made by Japanese company that the Suzuki Cultus 2017 is highly fuel efficient. As the Pakistani version of the car is a result of the joint venture of Pakistani and Japanese motor companies, the same enhanced level of fuel economy is also ensured herein. The fuel efficiency is contributed by an innovative type of fuel system, i.e. New G 10B EFi. Another advantageous feature of the latest model of Cultus is that it has a fairly large fuel tank that accommodates as many as 40 liters of fuel to ensure care-free driving for extra long distances.

Affordability Factor

With a price slightly over a million, this highly demanded Suzuki product is easily affordable by the middle class buyers in the country. Though it has been embellished with appealing new features, the actual rise in Suzuki Cultus price in Pakistan is, particularly, owed to the prevailing inflationary trends in the global economy. Anyhow, if you keep in mind its beauty and performance you will never repent the decision of purchasing this stylish and economical vehicle.

Interior and Exterior

The interior and exterior of your new automobile show an extreme level of style, luxury and sophistication as it is obvious from the Suzuki Cultus pictures. The blue tinted headlights and decently colored bumpers give it a charming look, while the luxurious interior makes your long journeys a pleasant and memorable experience.

4-Cylinder Engine

The 4-cylinder engine with the displacement capacity of 993 cc is one of the most distinguished Suzuki Cultus specs and gives the vehicle extra force to run with stability and smoothness even on the uneven, bumpy and broken roads of Pakistan. However, the transmission system is manual with five levels of speed where you can easily shift to the upper and lower gears depending upon the condition of the terrain.

Bottom Line

To sum up, both VXRi and VXRi CNG versions of the postmodern Suzuki Cultus car have equally appealing features except that the later comes with factory fitted CNG kit and slightly higher price. With the luxury features coming in between Mehran and Toyota Corolla, the price of the vehicle also comes in the midway. Offering you a perfect family solution with affordable Suzuki Cultus price, the new model has already won millions of positive reviews from the users.

Suzuki Cultus Features

  • 5 Speed All Synchromesh Transmission
  • 993cc, 4-Cylinder, New G10B 16Valve EFi Engine with Electronic Fuel Injected System
  • McPherson Strut with Coil Spring Independent Front Suspension
  • Strut & Coil Spring Independent Rear Suspension
  • Rack & Pinion Steering System
  • 40L Fuel Tank Capacity
  • Heater
  • Air Conditioner
  • Tachometer
  • MP3/CD Player & Tuner
  • Childproof Rear Door Locks
  • Sunvisor both sides
  • Coloured bumpers
  • Blue Tinted Head Lamps