Is Euro II going to bring positive impact in car industry?

Euro Standards is a standardized valuation extent recognized by the European Union introduced Euro II that would assist in enhancing the air worth with least amount presence of smoke, and other dangerous gases in the environment. Severe air pollution problems arise particularly in the metropolitan parts, structuring mist and smog in environment escorts to respiratory syndromes etc. By the prologue of Euro Emission Standards, these negative aspects would optimistically be abridged in the cities.

To maneuver in accord with the principles of Euro II, how Euro II principles and standards are impacting on automobile industries, automobile makers are required to manufacture automobile complying with Euro II standards. A few of those, who are already mechanizing models observed with Euro II standards are under the eyeglass of environmental inspectors. But no instantaneous advantages have been observed behind the implementation of Euro-II omission standards by motor vehicles, because according to information as of the vehicle manufacturing business, this procedure of up-gradation (i.e. Euro II) needs bulky investment. For that reason:

Industry sources said that Euro-II compliance will in addition also necessitate oil refineries to endow more and Oil Marketing Companies have to trade in Euro-II fuel at privileged cost and the oil processing plants are required to be up-graded. These refineries are already functioning to produce Euro II-compliant petrol and diesel. This progression process of up-gradation wants heavy investment and which will unquestionably increase public transportation cost for customers to boot.

Taking into consideration the piece of information that the costs of conversion of the conventional engine structure to catalytic converter is pretty high, it would raise the prices of Euro II-compliant vehicles.

On the contrary, the local automobile manufacturers are in a tight spot or in dilemma as on the one hand, they are all set to manufacture high cost atmosphere hospitable European standards (II) and in contrast, they are facing the brunt of recession pressure. In both circumstances, the vehicle manufacturers have to increase the cost prices of new motor vehicle fairly to keep on afloat in this misty time of depression.

In keeping with the information from the automobile manufacturing industries, a number of models be conventional to the standards of Euro II while planning are still in progress to free the imports of engines abide by with the standards of Euro II .Therefore, despite the fact that the introduction of Euro II standards would be beneficial for the atmosphere, car purchasers but the car vendors would be negatively impacted.