Pakistani Assembled Cars Vs Imported Cars: Recent Trends

Pakistan has a very dynamic automobile market. But unfortunately Pakistani market has always been dominated by Japanese car manufacturing brands. In the due course Pakistan has not been able to produce a single Pakistani car brand. Actually the import of foreign brands in the early historic era in Pakistan had far reaching negative impacts on Pakistani automobile industry.

Nobody could dare to create something against the mighty established Japanese brands. On the contrary neighboring India had a closed economy till 90s that made their local automobile companiesmotivated enough to establish themselves to a great deal before they allowed foreigners to come in.

Motor mechanics say that whichever oil you use, use it forever for you vehicle. Sounds amateur! What if particular oil does not have what your engine needs? Switching the brand seems more appropriate than trying over time and again the same failed product. So my advice to you is not to follow advices blindly. Think yourself as well.

That is the reason why Pakistan is facing huge problems to establish its own automobile brands. This has further limited Pakistani buyers with only two or three choices while deciding a car to buy. In other words Pakistani buyers have only a few products available to consider and include in their evoke sets. If we further narrow it down and start to look at the individual categories of the options on the basis of engine capacity or size, we are left with even lesser choices.

If we observe Pakistani roads, we come to know that they are occupied by only a few models of Honda, Toyota and Suzuki. In addition to this the prices of cars in Pakistan have enormously increased making it impossible for a salaried person to afford a car. Internal situation of the country has also to do with it and playing its part in the drama. Heavy tax impositions by the government have also increased the car prices in Pakistan.

Impact of Imported Cars

In this scenario the used and reconditioned imported cars have brought a sigh of relief for some of the buyers. They are relatively cheaper than the new Pakistani assembled cars and more reliable according to a section of experts. A used Japanese assembled car according to many is more durable and performance giving than new Pakistani assembled cars. But the dilemma here is also the same. Buyers have a very low degree of assortment and choice to them.


Government should take necessary actions and lift the barriers to import used cars in Pakistan hence monopolistic situation which is arisen due to bad policy making could be reversed. Every citizen should be able to buy an automobile for him or his family in reasonable prices.