Japanese Used Cars In Pakistan For Sale Price

Suzuki, Toyota, Daihatsu, Mazda and Honda are among the top car manufacturers of Japan. In Pakistani auto market, there are a number of latest Sedans, Hatchbacks as well as SUVs introduced by these noteworthy manufacturers. However, mostly the latest models are too expensive for an average person to afford. Therefore, going for second hand models with a low cost is, definitely, a wise and better option.

The market contains several popular second hand Japanese cars. You can go through an overview of some of these beauties here.

Toyota Vitz

Vitz is one of the most popular hatchbacks found in Pakistan. Small families usually prefer this compact car as it is not only affordable, but also a stylish and roomy vehicle.

Between 2007 and 2009, the cost range of the car was between Rs. 1,050,000 and Rs. 1,300,000. On the other hand in 2013, this price has increased to over 1.4 million rupees. It is, indeed, one of the costliest hatchbacks in Pakistani market. Even previously it has been hard for the most of the average Pakistanis to pay for the brand new version. Looking for a used car is, therefore, the best option.

In 2013, you can find several old models starting from the year 2007 onwards. The cost will depend upon the condition of the car and what the seller desires.

The basic specifications of these old versions include a 1.3 liter, 2NZ-FE engine. There are five speed options for the manual version. This five door vehicle runs on gasoline fuel and has a capacity of forty-two liters in its fuel tank.

There is another model available with a more powerful 1.5 liter, 1NZ-FE engine. Which of these two versions you will be able to buy depends on the availability of these second-hand cars.

Here are the Toyota Vitz models which can be found in the market as used vehicles.

  • 2007 model with a 1,000 cc engine
  • 2007 version with a 1,300 cc engine
  • 2008 model with a 1,300 cc engine
  • 2009 model with a 1,000 cc engine
  • 2009 version with a 1,300 cc engine

Toyota Prius

An extremely chic vehicle, Toyota Prius, is a spectacular dream car which holds all car lovers in awe. It is an imported car which can be found in the market as a used automobile.

The bedazzling Prius has been designed with a Sedan body type and has a sporty look. In order to create a unique appearance, the premium metallic body tappers towards the front bumper. The sleek car is adorned with foxy headlamps and exquisite crystal tail lights. The vehicle is, indeed, an eye candy for car lovers.

The impressive Prius is a hybrid car with an ECVT automatic transmission system. Therefore, it is an environment-friendly and fuel efficient vehicle with only a little burden on the surroundings as well as your pocket.

A DOHC, 16 valves, 4-cylinder engine produces the power necessary to run Prius. There is also a 1,500 cc version available.

Safety features like, rear locks for child protection and an anti-lock braking system will ensure the safety of the passengers. Five individuals will find enough room inside the car to share a journey together.

The original cost of Toyota Prius is near about 1.8 million rupees. As a second-hand version, you will naturally have to pay less depending on the car’s condition.

Honda Airwave

Another jazzy imported vehicle in the Pakistani market is Honda's Airwave. This sub-compact vehicle is a five door station wagon. It was manufactured for the first time in 2005. You can find old Honda Airwave models from 2005 to 2010.

The vehicle possesses a 1.5 Liter, L15A, VTEC 14 engine. It is, therefore, a powerful car with a CVT 5-speed automatic transmission. A CVT-7 version is also available.

This is one of the most modern and stylish station wagons with a premium interior. There is a plenty of space for passengers as well your baggage inside the car.

The vehicle costs around about 1.7 million. You can find better deals through vendors of second hand cars.

Toyota Premio

Among all other imported vehicles in Pakistan, Toyota Premio is one of the most luxuriant Sedans. This is also one of the most powerful cars with the engine displacement of 1,500 cc. An even more powerful version possesses an impressive 1,800 cc engine. Moreover, the EFI engine with VVTi technology makes sure that the car runs with optimum fuel economy.

The bold front grille of the vehicle makes it stand apart from other conventional sedans. It makes a statement of confidence while the rest of the premium body emanates grandeur.

It is one of the costliest Sedans with a price of around 2.3 million (Pak rupees) for the 1500 cc version and about 2.3 million (Pak rupees) for the 1800cc model. It is, therefore, best to buy this expensive car in used condition so that you can afford this luxuriant beauty without spending beyond your budget.

Daihatsu Mira

Daihatsu Mira is a popular imported car in Pakistan. The hatchback is preferred for small families. You can find 2007 and 2008 models in the market for this stylish and admirable automobile.

There is a KF-VE, DOHC engine along with automatic transmission. Inside the car, five people can be seated to enjoy a ride together. Moreover, the vehicle’s power steering, power windows, central locking system and power side mirror are some of the advanced features which create convenience for the driver.

Mira is very affordable as it costs only around 0.85 million rupees. You will, of course, find deals according to what a particular seller asks. The price for a used car will definitely be lower and that will depend on the particular condition of the vehicle.

There are several other sleek imported Japanese vehicles in the market. I you can afford these wonderful cars, you must enjoy their impressive features.