How to Import New Cars from Abroad to Pakistan?

Do you want to know about an easy legal procedure regarding how to import new cars from abroad to Pakistan? This article is aimed at giving you very useful information in this regard. Importing new or used cars from different foreign countries to Pakistan can be a hectic task as you have to follow various rules and regulations as set by the governments of the two countries.

There are issues of making payments for the vehicle, making arrangements for the container, getting legal documents, paying custom duties and different types of taxes to the country at the receiving end, i.e. Pakistan. The amount of taxes to be paid depends on both the engine capacity and price of the vehicles to be imported from a foreign country.

The terms and conditions for the import of new and used cars have been laid down in the Import Trade Policy. A brochure titled “Import of Vehicles” is available on the FBR (Federal Board of Revenue) website. This procedure will be of great help for the overseas Pakistanis who don’t know how to import new car to Pakistan.

Important Note: Please note that the information given below is based on the details provided in the Import of the Vehicles brochure 2010. The rules and regulations for the import of vehicles are subject to change from time to time. So you are also advised to consult the latest document given on the online portal of FBR.

Import of Vehicles to Pakistan:

Import of Used Cars: In case you want to buy a used vehicle, it is essential for you to be a Pakistani national. Used cars can be brought to the country under three schemes, i.e. transfer of residence, personal baggage and gift. Following are the terms and conditions for the used cars:

  • You can make use of any of the three schemes only once in every two years. The types of vehicles that can be imported include cars, trucks, busses, pickups and vans. Different other vehicles to be used in agriculture, such as laser land levelers, combined harvesters and tractors can also be availed.
  • The model of the automobile should not be older than three years.
  • These three schemes can only be availed by the overseas Pakistanis who have spent at least three years in the foreign country from where the vehicle is to be imported.

Import of New Cars: Following the general import procedures, any individual can import new cars of different types. However, you will have to pay all the applicable taxes and duties. As is the case with the import of used cars, you can also import new cars under three schemes, namely, gift, personal baggage and transfer or residence. Given below are some important points concerning “How to import new cars to Pakistan”.

  • New cars can be imported to Pakistan under any of the three vehicle import schemes.
  • In case of used cars, the amount of tax is determined on the basis of engine capacity. However, for determining the amount of tax for a new car, both the engine capacity and value of the car are taken into consideration.
  • You may be required to pay for the additional/optional accessories. Meanwhile, the agent’s commission should also be taken into consideration. The tax amount can be paid in the US dollars or an equivalent amount in Pakistani rupees.
  • Do keep in mind the air/ocean freight charges from country of origin of the vehicle to Pakistan.
  • There can also be various other payable charges that you can find on the FBR website, i.e.