Best Cars for Women in Pakistan

  • Published On :March 11,2019

While both a man and a woman can be seen driving the same type of vehicle, the females do have a taste of their own for a four-wheeler. Simply put, all the cars that men like may not be favourite to women.

Females usually go for those vehicles which offer better style, control and comfort. It is particularly the lack of traffic control that makes driving a rough experience in Pakistan. The broken roads further contribute to the peril of driving. But none of these things can stop men or women from driving. And the last two decades have witnessed a tremendous increase in the manufacturing and sales of cars. Meanwhile, the ratio of women drivers has also seen a significant boost.

Carefully searched, selected and sorted out below are the 5 best cars for women in Pakistan.

Passo:A cool, handy and affordable car, Toyota’s Passo is one of the most popular hatchbacks among both men and women. Though looking small from the exterior dimensions, the Passo abounds in space in the interior. Furnished with the latest technology, the interior offers better control and luxury. The safety system of the car has been reinforced with airbags and the vehicle stability control.
Price= Rs 100,000
Toyota Passo
Vitz:The Vitz from the house of Toyota Japan enjoys more popularity than its sibling, Passo. It is also one of the most commonly used vehicles among women. The Vitz comes equipped with an uplift design and high-performance standards. Recently introduced in Pakistan, the third-generation vehicle features a more stylish and sharper exterior.

Better control, easier handling, and powerful engine make Toyota Vitz a desired car for enthusiastic and fun-loving women.

Price= Rs 1,500,000
Toyota Vitz
Alto:Did you know Suzuki Alto is the second best seller car in the country after Mehran, its sibling. After the suspension of its production in 2012, the car is now offered as an imported Japanese vehicle in the country. The combined efficiency of a 1000cc engine and 5-speed manual transmission system enables the Pakistani Alto to give a smooth and energetic driving experience. Its 660cc Japanese variant is also equally fantastic.
Price= Rs 800,000
Suzuki Alto
Mira:A city car from the Japanese automaker Daihatsu, the Mira is offered in the country as an imported vehicle. Coded as the L275 series vehicle, the seventh generation Mira is already in the market. The car is also available in several variants, including G Smart Drive Package, X Limited Smart Drive Package, X Limited ER, X Special, and TX Special.
Price= Rs 100,000
Mira Blue
Mehran:The best seller four-wheeler in Pakistan, the Suzuki Mehran is also one of the least expensive cars. Fitted with an 800cc, 3-cylinder EFI engine technology, it generates power enough to give you a smooth and stable travelling experience on the rough roads as you mostly come across. It is also available in several colours, including pearl red, silky silver, solid white and graphite grey.
Price= Rs 900,000
Suzuki Mehran