Automatic Version of Suzuki Swift 2012 Has Been Launched

Every company has a specific kind of image that shows the quality of its products or services. Like Suzuki, that has an image of producing economical and durable products with identical and to some extent boring designs. However, in recent years company launches some new models that are the departure from the traditional design of Suzuki cars.

Suzuki Swift automatic is the new version of Suzuki Swift that has some major changes like its automatic transmission. Suzuki Swift Automatic's design is different from the typical design of vehicles of Suzuki. Suzuki Swift was a big success and liked by the users because of its performance and sporty looks. It was launched to compete with the cars like Honda City and Toyota Corolla. Suzuki Swift Price in Pakistan is comparatively lower than Honda City 2012 and Toyota Corolla 2012. Swift is best option for those who are looking for a small luxurious car. The features that made it a successful product are following.

  • Suzuki Swift Automatic has 1.3 [(92 PS, 68 kW; 91 hp) and 1.5 (102 PS, 75 kW; 101 hp)] L petrol engine that offers more mileage and powerful capacity. Its engine is capable of giving a steady ride on the rough roads as well with the help of tires which have better road grip to ensure safety.
  • Its comfort level is awesome as it is a spacious car with beautiful interior and seats are comfortable.
  • Four wheels ABS brakes are combined with the electronic beak-force distribution help to avoid wheel lockup and adjust the wheels force according to the load.
  • Its electric power steering makes you driving experience good and the load on the engine is low.

The recently launched new Suzuki Swift automatic keeps more beautiful interior and powerful engine. The car gives you the value of the money you spend to buy it by the upgraded features like keyless start system, rear disc brakes, Bluetooth, adjustment for wheels etc. Its interior has sporty seats with high quality surface and comfortable to sit on. 1.3-liter engine offers fuel efficiency and low maintenance cost (running cost). The built of the car is strong and the engine is quite.

Suzuki Swift automatic differs from the basic model of Suzuki Swift in following aspects.

Automatic Transmission

Suzuki Swift has the automatic transmission to facilitate the user and gives an ease to drive. Automatic feature has many other benefits like it reduce the fuel consumption and assure the long life of the engine because the clutch plates are managed by the automatic system that is integrated in the engine.

Price difference

Suzuki Swift was launched with the price tag of Rs. 999, 000 while the new Swift automatic is expensive. The price of new Swift automatic is Rs. 1,311,000.