Nissan Dayz Specs, Pictures and Prices Online in Pakistan

Nissan Dayz Price

Nissan Dayz Price

5 Person Seat Capacity


Nissan Dayz 2018 Review

Looking luxury from inside and a bold beauty from outside, the new 660cc Nissan Dayz is all about the convenience, comfort and performance that a four-wheeler of the stature of Dayz can offer.

Interior & Exterior:

In the interior, the high-quality seating makes a beautiful blend with a lot of room in this small car. The seat on both the front and back row have enough legroom for the comfort of the individuals seated on them. The roof is raised, so the travellers can easily enter the car. It will also allow for convenience of the taller individuals who can easily move and stretch their arms while travelling. Actually, the manufacturer has focused on a little more room than expected. Similarly, the enhancement of luxury has also got significant attention.

As you switch on the car, the green, blue and white lights turn up to give the cockpit a beautiful look and create a wow impression.

Turning to exterior, it showcases the extraordinary looks of the car. Though the Nissan Dayz 2018 price in Pakistan is quite affordable, from outside it appears to be a gorgeous and expensive car.

The head-turning exterior of Nissan Dayz Highway Star gets pronounced looks from the chrome plated front grille and bumper. The 15” rims also come forward to contribute to the looks of the four-wheeler.

Available Models:

Nissan Dayz has got a very large number of variants with each have the same engine displacement, i.e. 600 cubic centimetres. Some well-known models include Highway Star G, Highway Star X, Highway Star G Turbo, Rider Highway Star G, Rider Highway Star G Turbo, Bolero X, Bolero J, Bolero S, and so on. In almost all the models, you will come across five doors and nearly the similar dimensions.

The standard dimensions are 3395mm x 1475mm x 1620 mm for length, width and height, respectively. However, there are somewhat variations in the interior, performance specs and the weight of the vehicles. The lightest variant measure around 830kg (such as Bolero J) and the heaviest version may have an additional weight of 90 kg. For instance, the Rider Highway Star G Turbo variant of Nissan Dayz 2018 has got the weight of about 920kg.

Price Factor:

Compared against the specs, the Nissan Dayz Highway Star price in Pakistan is quite reasonable. It is a bit over twelve lakh rupees. For that price, it also brings the automatic gear shifter technology. The mileage is also attractive, i.e. you can travel up to twenty kilometres with one litre of fuel in the eco idling mode.

The Dayz happens to be a perfect for the individuals and families from the middle class. Despite being economical, it is equipped with the latest tech specs which may not be found even in the top-of-the-line cars assembled locally in the country.

Nissan Dayz Features

  • Engine: Capacity 66cc
  • ABS: Available
  • AM/FM Radio: Available
  • Air Bags: Available
  • Immobilizer Key: Available
  • Keyless Entry: Available
  • Navigation System: Available
  • Power Steering: Available
  • Alloy Rims: Available
  • Climate Control: Available
  • Heated Seats: Available
  • Power Windows: Available