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Honda CR-V 2018 Review

Offered against nearly ten million rupees as the Honda CR-V 2018 price in Pakistan, the new revamped CR-V is a super luxury car for the elite class.


The features in the interior include personalized seat adjustment, electrically adjustable seats, glasses holder, console box, heated seats, powerful engine, CVT transmission, audio system and furnishing of interior with leather.

With the option of personalized seat adjustment, the passengers can adjust their seats according to their mode and body requirements. It is powered by an electrically adjustable mechanism, so they don’t have to exert even a small amount of force for that end. It is just the matter of a push of a button.

While on the way, you may need to serve drink to the family members or friends travelling with you. For your convenience, there is a glasses holder attached to the cabin. Glasses can be put or taken out of it with convenience. Meanwhile, a console box is fitted and adjusted between the seats.

The seats on the front row, i.e. for the driver and assistant or passenger, are provided with a heating mechanism. These heated seats will render comfort and luxury during the extreme winter season.

Moving to the machine of the vehicle, it is a 2.0 engine powered by a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) system. This technology not only adds to the power generation capacity of the engine but also makes the vehicle run smoothly. Another advantage is that it can give a significant boost to the fuel efficiency for the sake of reducing the overall cost of travelling.

The high-quality audio system serves as a source of entertainment and relieve boredom on long and seemingly tiresome travels. In addition to the option of adjustability, the seats are furnished with high quality leather.


On the exterior, the first most impressive thing is the graceful front grill which renders the vehicles boldness and confidence. It is healthy and impressively crafted. Next comes the creatively designed tail light. Other features of the exterior include a rain sensor, shark fin antenna, 2 front sensors, 4 back sensors, sturdy roof rail, alloy wheels and headlight with daytime running light. The daytime running light will increase the visibility of the vehicle during daylight.

Other Specs:

The engine of the Honda CR-V 2018 measures 1997 cubic centimetre in displacement and it is capable of generating the force of 113 horsepower. For an environment friendly behaviour, it complies with the Euro-4 emission standards while using the unleaded regular (91 RON) fuel.

For the justifiably high Honda CR-V 2018 price in Pakistan, the manufacturer gives you the option to choose the appearance of the car according to your own taste from as many as eight available colour choices.

Honda CR-V 2018 Features

  • Engine Type: i-VTEC, SOHC, 16-valve, in-line 4
  • Displacement(cc): 1997
  • Maximum Horse power: 113/6500
  • Emission Standard: Euro - 4
  • Fuel type: Unleaded regular (91 RON)
  • Drive type: Front-2WD
  • Front: Independent - McPherson strut
  • Rear: Independent - Multi-link
  • Steering Type: Electronic power steering with VGR
  • Seating and Interior Styling: Seat material Leather
  • Adjustable Seats- Electrically adjustable: driver seat 8 way
  • Adjustable Seats- Electrically adjustable: Passenger seat
  • Adjustable headlight height: Manual
  • Fog Lights- Front: Halogen