FAW XP-V Price in Pakistan, Specs and Interior & Exterior Pictures

  • Published On :November 25,2017
  • FAW XP-V Standard Price
    8 Persons Seating Capacity
  • FAW XP-V Dual AC Price
    Fule Tank Capacity 37 Litres
  • FAW X-PV PE (Power Edition)
    1000cc (60hp) Petrol EFI Engine with Euro 4 Emission

If APV is an All-Purpose Vehicle, X-PV stands for Xtreme Performance Vehicle. Both types of vehicles have extended seating capacities as compared with a car and can be used for both commercial and family travelling purposes. The xtreme purpose vehicle from the house of Faw comes installed with as many as eight seats. And such vehicles are already on the roads in the country for luxury inter-city travels. The travelling companies ask for higher fares but, in return, you do get a faster, hassle-free and comfortable travelling experience.

As the Faw X-PV price in Pakistan suggests, the vehicle offers greater affordability particularly because it is of Chinese origin. The Chinese brands of automobiles are known for their price-efficiency as compared with their expensive Japanese and European counterparts.

The Latest X-PV in Pakistan:

Faw as an automobile brand was launched ten years back in 2007 in collaboration with Pakistan based Al-Haj Group. Since its inception, the company has launched several brands of light and heavy vehicles including cars and trucks. The X-PV is one of the most popular vehicle brands from the house of Al-Haj Faw Motors Private Limited.

X-PV – A 1000cc Fast Running 8-Seater:

A 1000cc (more precisely 970cc) machine powers the X-PV, enabling it run at the speed of 110 kilometers per hour. With this speed, the journeys taking hours can be accomplished in minutes, thus saving the passengers a lot of their precious time. Meanwhile, there is a common perception that with the increase in speed the fuel average gets decreased. But, owing to its advanced tech accomplishments, the Faw shows significant deviation from that principle. Being a fuel-efficient vehicle, it saves you a significant amount in terms of the fuel expenditure. At the same time, the Euro 4 technology renders the X-PV to be highly environment friendly.

The new XPV has got a spacious interior. All the dimensions, along length, width and height, have been increased. With the increase in length and width, the vehicle gets a large platform to accommodate as many as eight seats without compromising the comfort of the passenger. It means the seats are also spacious to make the journey quite comfortable for the travelers. On the other hand, with the raised roof, it becomes easier for the passengers to move inside the XPV or stretch their arms to relieve their tiredness.

4 Body Color Variations:

The body color of the car does matter a lot especially for those who are more conscious about the appearance of their traveling companion. If a potential buyer likes silver color, they won’t buy the given four-wheeler if it is available only in red shade. But the new XPV from Faw is going to cater to the taste of the people for a particular color, i.e. it is being offers in as many as four different body shade variants. The elegant body shade variants of Faw X-PV 2018 include Misty Silver, Grey Metallic, Cherry Red and Diamond White. So, just go for the one that offers more appeal to your taste.

Overall, offered against amazingly affordable Faw X-PV price in Pakistan, the vehicle should be the first choice for those who want a two-in-one commercial and family car solution which is also fuel efficient and environment friendly.

  • Engine Displacement 970cc
  • Fule Tank 37 Litres
  • Maximum Speed 110(km/h)
  • Seating Capacity 6-8
  • Others Front Fog Lamps (yes)
  • Seats Cover Fabric
  • Cyclinders: L4,OHC EfI
  • Max Power PS/rpm: 60/5200
  • Max Torque Nm/rpm: 84/3000-3500
  • Steering: Rack and Pinion
  • Brake System: Disc(F), Drum (R)