Toyota Corolla Xli Car Price in Pakistan - New Model Pictures

Toyota Corolla XLI Price

Toyota Corolla XLi 2013 Price

Fuel Tank Capacity 55L

Toyota Corolla XLI Price


Fuel Tank Capacity 55L

Toyota Corolla XLI Price

Toyota Corolla XLI-STANDARD

Fuel Tank Capacity 55L


Toyota Corolla XLi Review

There is just one stylish car that is set never to go out of fashion, and deliver luxury and economy at the same time without compromising a bit on quality. If you really want to know, it is none other than the latest Toyota Corolla XLi 2014. As a modern trend, the Xli version is coming in fascinating colors as limited edition models apart from the regular black and white, and this streak is likely to continue even with the launch of the latest model.

All-Season Car with 2 Year Warranty

Toyota Corolla Xli is an all-season car suitable for typical roads of Pakistan. This, one of the most demanded luxury vehicles, has the warranty of 2 years and 50,000 km with Toyota standards.

Safety Measures

Toyota Corolla Xli new model also features driving comfort with rear coil springs that are reinforced to handle the additional trunk load. The Whiplash Injury Lessening Concept (WIL) seats save the life of the passengers in an unfortunate incident. The front ventilator disc and rear solid disc brakes are yet another addition to the security measures in the automobile.

Powerful Engine Specs

The 2 NZ-FE type of engine has the displacement capacity of 1299cc and is furnished with VVTI electronic fuel injection system. Such advanced accomplishments bring the automobile to the extreme level of power production and performance, so that you may enjoy a pleasant and memorable ride even on the rough, bumpy, ragged and broken road conditions.

Fuel Capacity and Efficiency

With the amazing fuel tank capacity of 55 liters, the vehicle also promises high fuel economy. These are the features that make it a favorite car among the potential buyers in Pakistan as, in this way; they can save a lot of time and money.

Spacious and Trendy Interior

Belonging to the family of sedans, the car has spacious room to easily accommodate at least 5 persons on its front bucket seats and three-place rear bench. The comfortable front seats are furnished with nice elbow rests on both sides, and getting in and out of the seats is also very easy. Some of the most appealing Toyota Corolla Xli specs include standard air conditioning system, standard telescoping steering wheel, fabric upholstery and standard CD stereo with MP3 jack.

Upgraded Exterior

If you look at its exterior, you will see a number of upgraded features, such as sleek front head lamps, dynamic front grill, crystal tail lights and extended rear garnish that add to its overall elegance. In addition to it, you will find fog lights, a rear spoiler and 16-inch alloy wheels for a sportier experience. Yet another accomplishment comes in the form of rear bumper with stylish refractors that renders it a mesmerizing look.

Color Range

As a usual practice, the car was made available only in black and white colors. Now, more shades have been added for its spectacular appearance, such as dark blue, as you can see in the Toyota Corolla Xli pictures. Though the overall color range is fairly limited, it includes the most favorite colors that are liked by all and sundry.

Mechanical and Technical Support

Mechanical as well as technical support is available by qualified and highly experienced technicians on exclusive sale & service points of Indus Motors Company all over the country. The comparatively inexpensive spare parts can easily be accessed in the auto market.

Bottom Line

Unlike the previous models, the new automobile no more contains a factory-fitted CNG kit, so it is all petrol from now onwards. Moreover, Toyota Corolla Xli price in Pakistan is also a little higher than that of its predecessor, Corolla Xli 2012. This increase in the value of this “all-season car” is owed to the newly added features that the previous versions were lacking in.

Toyota Corolla XLi Features

  • 1299cc Displacement
  • 5 Speed Manual Transmission
  • Key remainder Warning
  • Light on Warning
  • Seating Capacity 5 Persons
  • 1.3L Engine Capacity Variant
  • Anti Lock Braking System
  • Power Steering
  • Air Conditioner + Heater
  • Fuel Tank Capacity 55L